Bound Bench and Beau Stool Ivana Taylor.
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Beau Stool: 2019

American White Ash, Linen, Wool, Foam

Designed to add soft, tactile comfort and playfulness to the home, the Beau Stool distills the process, texture and aesthetic qualities of a combination of the Bound Bench and Bound Stool. Two cushions, one wool and one linen, edged with flat piped seams, are bound to a white ash stool frame using knotting. The repeated wrapping of the knots functions as a glue-less and metal-free fastening to the stool and visually contorts the cushions into a soft, chunky bow-like expression that gently hugs and supports the sitter. The design has evolved from an enthusiasm for design for disassembly, using simple knotting techniques to attach upholstery without toxic adhesives and metal components.

Currently available at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney Australia

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Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert 2019-2020


SPRUNG Furniture Exhibition

JamFactory 2019

Designing Bright Futures

Australian Design Centre 2019


Wallpaper* Magazine

Next Gen Feature 2020 online and print

Bound Bench: 2019

American White Ash, Linen, Foam

In the Bound Bench, wood and textiles are entwined to form a tactile and intriguing seat that amplifies the visual effects and physicality of texture. Designed for public and domestic settings, the thick tubular upholstery wraps and knots around the bench to form a luscious knotty covering. The chain, formed naturally by the knotting, has been manipulated into a curve to signify two separate areas for people to sit on. Combining the softness of the linen outer and the squish of a foam core, the tubes smother and soften the smooth rigidity of the white ash bench.

Exhibited at:



Melbourne 2019


Craft ACT Exhibition


Canberra 2019